Frequently Asked Questions (13)

Who is Tropical Roofing Products?

Tropical Roofing Products is a national manufacturer of roofing materials that are used in the repair, maintenance, and restoration of roofing systems. For more than 60 years now, Tropical Roofing Products has manufactured all of its many professional-grade roof cements, primers, adhesives and coatings exclusively in the USA.  Ask your roofing materials distributor for the Tropical brand for all your roof repair and restoration projects.

Where can I obtain Tropical Roofing products?

Tropical Roofing products are available exclusively through leading professional roofing supply distributors in the USA.  Please contact Tropical Roofing to learn where you can purchase all of our professional-grade roofing coatings and adhesives.

Where can I find a list of all Tropical Roofing Products?

Ask for the Tropical Roofing Product Catalog from your local Tropical Roofing Products representative or your professional roofing supply distributor. You can also view our product portfolio, specifications and MSDS information on this website

Does Tropical Roofing provide an approved roofers program?

Yes.  Tropical Roofing provides significant product, technical, and application training to ensure qualified roofing contractors are using the proper Tropical materials installed according to Tropical’s specifications to uphold the product Warranty Terms.  Please contact Tropical Roofing to find an approved roofing contractor in your area.

Why should I consider a roof restoration vs. a tear-off of the existing roof?

An  experienced consultant can locate problem areas and an Approved TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS contractor can repair the wet insulation and damaged deck at a fraction of the cost of a complete tear-off and replacement.

Are Tropical Roofing Products systems competitive with re-roof systems.

In most cases a restoration system will be more cost effective than a re-roof using new layers of insulation and will be easier to maintain.

Can I get a warranty on my building with Tropical Roofing Products restoration systems?

Call an TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS local representative and let them survey your roof first. Once a survey is completed, it can then be determined if the roof can be repaired or restored, and which warranty would be available.

Does Tropical Roofing Products have guide specifications available for roof restorations?

Yes. Contact your TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS Regional Manager to help get your project specified properly.

Are there tax advantages with a roof restoration?

Check with your CPA or tax professional first. Roof maintenance can be fully tax deductible as an operating expense. Restoration is classified as maintenance and in most cases can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred.

Why should I consider a cool roof?

Cool roofs drastically reduce the surface temperature, which means they extend roof membrane life, improve building comfort, and can substantially reduce cooling costs. Contact a Tropical Roofing Products expert for a roof inspection and use the Cool Roof Calculator on this website to estimate the savings you can achieve for your building upon having a Tropical Cool Roof coating applied.

Are Restoration systems sustainable?

Restoration systems offer long term sustainable maintenance programs to be implemented which means less material is hauled off of landfills from roof tear-offs.

Can I specify a COOL ROOF restoration?

Yes. TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS offers a wide range of Energy Star labeled White and Aluminum reflective coatings reducing the roof surface temperature lowering energy consumption and costs.

Do restoration systems need maintenance?

Roofs in general need yearly maintenance inspections at a minimum to ensure free flowing drains, securely attached metal and damaged and deteriorated areas get repaired.

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