Product Description

Tropical Roofing Products’ “best-in-class” #2100 All Weather Rubberized Flashing Cement is specifically formulated for the professional roofer providing strong adhesion to wet and dry surfaces. Will bond under water for permanent repairs. #2100 All Weather Rubberized Flashing Cement is manufactured with superior oxidized asphalts for extreme durability. With its high SBS rubber content and fortified with Power Gel Technology, #2100 will remain highly resilient, flexible, and durable through all seasons. Special surfactants make this product adhere to most surfaces in wet or dry conditions. #2100 All Weather Rubberized Flashing Cement is the premier repair compound that is easily spread and applied to repair splits, seams, cracks and holes in spudded gravel, mineral surfaced cap sheet, smooth surface asphalt roofs, and most APP and SBS membranes. It will seal areas around skylights, chimneys, vent pipes, gravel guards, down spouts, cracks in concrete and control joints on roofs. This product is an excellent utility mastic for use below grade. Will not run, slip, sag, or mud crack. Recommended for flat commercial roofs, in locations where roof is exposed to high heat and is excellent for repairs on conventional BUR membranes where movement is expected to occur. RECOMMENDED SUBSTRATE APPLICATION - APP GRANULAR MEMBRANE, TORCH DOWN, TILE & METAL. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SHINGLES. Meets ASTM D 4586 and ASTM D 3409. Miami-Dade NOA Compliant.

Application Methods

Application rates will vary by surface, porosity, and job conditions.

Available Standard Colors

Color swatches are representative. Actual coating sample provided for approval. Custom colors available upon request with a 600 gallon minimum.

Data sheets