Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating

At Tropical Roofing Products, we offer a comprehensive line of innovative and effective roof coating solutions that deliver the reliable waterproofing and protection that property owners seek. One such product is our acrylic elastomeric roof coating. Acrylic coatings have entered the marketplace as a practical solution for roof protection and restoration applications. They provide a number of valuable benefits, including ease of application, reflectivity, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

As a premier provider of roof coating solutions for over six decades, you can count on our acrylic roof coatings to deliver unrivaled performance on every job.

#911 Eternalastic Elastomeric Roof Coating

This 100% professional grade quality acrylic elastomeric roof coating we offer meets the requirements of ASTM D 6083 and possesses optimum flexibility in cold weather conditions. It is U.L. Classified, Energy Star Approved, Miami-Dade County Approved, and compliant with California Title 24.

#911 protects the underlying roof membrane while significantly lowering the roof temperature. With its exceptionally high elastomeric properties, it is ideal for rigorous professional roofing project applications. The durability of #911 enables superb adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

Our roofing technicians are equipped to provide you with the advice, product knowledge, and customer support services you need to help ensure the success of your elastomeric roof coating application in the field.

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