Fluid Applied Restoration

Tropical Roofing Products is a national manufacturer of a full range of innovative solutions and system technologies that effectively seal, waterproof and maintain the roof for the life of the building.  We've been leading the way in roofing solutions for over 60 years.

Tropical Roofing Products offers Fluid Applied Coatings and Roof Restoration Systems for every substrate allowing building owners and facility managers to avoid costly, time consuming and disruptive roof tear-offs and to realize their goal of achieving long term roof performance and the lowest roof life cycle cost. 

Read our "Fluid Applied Restoration Makes Sense" white paper here

Types of Fluid Applied Restoration Solutions

Advantages of Fluid Applied Roof Restoration Systems

Avoid Roof Tear-Offs. Save time and money.  Avoid landfill expenses.

Extend the Life of Your Roof.  Restoration systems provide the lowest life cycle costs.

Ideal for Virtually All Roofs. BUR/Mod-Bit, Concrete, Metal, Foam, TPO/PVC, EPDM specifications available.

Achieve Cool Roof Energy Savings, Reduce urban heat-island effect, meet compliance with codes and Green Building programs.

The Responsible Choice. Seamless, weather-tight seal delivers sustainable, long-term roof preservation.

Material & Labor Warranties. Tropical Roofing Products offers Authorized Applicators a full-system Labor &  Material Warranty of our Fluid Applied Restoration Systems when applied according to specification.

 Tropical Roofing Products Technical team is equipped to provide total Restoration System support offering expertise in all phases of the project and can create custom specifications to meet the contractor’s and building owners unique needs.